The idea

My idea in one sentence -

Dreams list

The problem I am trying to solve?

Finding people who think like you.

The solution I am proposing?

A place where people can share their dreams and find people who have the same dreams and goals. You connect with them and together plan what do you want to do with your life.

I think people need this solution because...

People just follow the herd. They never really give a thought on what they want to do with their life. Every one have their own passion and dreams, and they should be given the freedom to follow it.

The type of solution I am offering -

Service - Software / Mobile Apps

Beneficiary of this solution -


Consumer Type -
Age group :
Gender :
Occupation :

Great things this solution will do for me -

1) betterment of the humanity
2) increase self confidence
3) happier people in the world
4) doing what i love
5) more intimacy

Further clarification

Nothing for now

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