The idea

My idea in one sentence -

Bill splitting for roommates

The problem I am trying to solve?

Bill splitting can sometimes be a complex task. How much is the bill this month? Wait, what percentage of water do I pay? Why not simplify the process?

The solution I am proposing?

With a function similar to which allows you to link up your utilities and any relevant bills. Thus, when all bills come in, an email is sent to all roommates. Could be useful in other contexts, like a fraternity house or other group living situat

I think people need this solution because...

Makes it less awkward when asking your friends for money.

The type of solution I am offering -

Service - Software / Mobile Apps

Beneficiary of this solution -


Consumer Type -
Age group :
Gender :
Occupation :

Great things this solution will do for me -

1) long lasting friendship
2) better money management
3) reduces awkwardness when asking friends for money
4) splitting bills becomes easy
5) budgeted spending

Further clarification

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