The idea

My idea in one sentence -

Crowd sourced start-up development + revenue share

The problem I am trying to solve?

Every start-up company have 3 big problems. The first one is detailed description and review of business concept / model, second one is no money or time, and third is realization, which is in 90% cases s/w development.

The solution I am proposing?

A platform where people come together and help in developing the software. Then when the project is successful, they get a share in the revenue. There are many rules that can define what exactly revenue share is, and how much of it will be given to each

I think people need this solution because...

Because most of the startups fail.

The type of solution I am offering -

Service - Software / Mobile Apps

Beneficiary of this solution -

Other Business

Business Type -

Start up

Great things this solution will do for me -

1) Reduce risk of startup
2) Increase probability of success
3) More people working means faster development and depoloyment
4) Skill based working
5) Require very low resources

Further clarification

Nothing for now

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