The idea

My idea in one sentence -

Crowdfunding for schools in Czech Republic

The problem I am trying to solve?

Parents are not willing to spend huge amounts of money contributing directly as they do not have the full trust in the school management.

The solution I am proposing?

A crowdfunding platform like indiegogo/kickstarter that allows schools to raise funds from public.

I think people need this solution because...

Many czech schools lack funding to run interesting events for the kids or to renew the equipment faster, etc.

The type of solution I am offering -

Service - Software / Mobile Apps

Beneficiary of this solution -

Other Business

Business Type -

Small Business / Medium Business / Retail

Great things this solution will do for me -

1) better education quality
2) more transparency in administration
3) better learning infrastructure
4) more trust in management
5) happier schools, happier students

Further clarification

Nothing for now

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